Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wii Get Fit

It's a miracle. About a week ago we found one of those highly coveted Wii Fit games and balance boards and it was just a matter of luck. Apparently these things are almost impossible to find, one British reviewer said, "you'll have more luck finding hen's teeth than you will grabbing a copy from your local Woolworths" which in British means, it's tough getting your hands on this puppy.

The only reason we got ours was because we were getting a few things for our new Nintendo DS systems and came in two minutes after the UPS guy. He brought the store two copies of wii fit. As we were checking out I didn't even notice the guy next to us was buying one, I was only focused on a new game to play on the DS. Callie just out of the blue asks if they have any Wii Fits. The worker answers, "Yeah, one left. They didn't even last five minutes." Currently the bid on Ebay for one of these is $150, at the store its $89.

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