Friday, August 8, 2008

Livescribe, All Signed Up!

Sunday, I described Callie's idea she came up with concerning her smart pen. That night I applied for the position I had read about.

The next day I got an email from one of Livescribe's interns saying her boss had forwarded her my resume and wanted to have her interview me asap.

Tuesday I had an interview with the intern, which went very well. She let me know that I would be a good match for the job and asked if her boss, Livescribe's marketing manager, could interview me that afternoon.

I was down, so a few hours later I was on my second interview in just a day's time. Karen, the marketing manager, told me about the job and asked me about my experience with the Dell Rep Program. It was a really enjoyable interview.

So, after applying, a day later I was hired as a LCR, Livescribe Campus Rep.

I love marketing. I get to play with fun gadgets and get lots of neat give aways. I even get to pick out a couple friends to give some of the products to to help me out with promoting. I also get to throw parties with lots of pizza and drinks. Plus, I get to work with a great start up in Silicon Valley, strong brands like Dell, and a top notch marketing agency.

I guess I just have an urge to keep three jobs and do full time school afterall. Although working for Bank of America had great benefits, being a Dell Campus Rep, Microsoft REACH Evangelist, and now a Livescribe Campus Rep are all going to be a blast and will make for a tough decision come graduation.

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Ryan Johnson said...

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