Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Chronicles of Donut: Here We Go Again!!!

September 12th I was home cleaning the house when I noticed a snot like drip coming out of Donut's rear.  I was kind of surprised and new Donut was pregnant so I immediately called Callie to find out if she knew what that meant.  She said it might mean she was going into labor soon.  I continued to call the vet and look online and sure enough they both said when a cat discharges a mucus plug they are going to go into birth in a day or two.  

Here is the continuing saga of the Chronicles of Donut. 

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apb said...

That was a surprise when you wrote on my blog... so I'm returning the favor. My cartoon blog addresses are on the side of my blog. One's marked "A Hair in the Spaghetti" and the other is "Skum of the Universe." The latter has been neglected as of late but I'm working on fixing that. They're also on my info part of my facebook page if you check. Later.