Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bringing Home the Bacon

One of the things I am always curious about when catching up with my friends is finding out what they are doing for work. Being in school and finishing in May makes me even more curious since I soon will be joining the full time workforce myself. So here is a little about what I do for work. You can see what Callie does at callieandbryce.blogspot.com.

Dell Campus Representative

This is now my main part time job. I am in charge of promoting Dell at Arizona State University. It is very exciting, I get to attend the orientations throughout the summer and display Dell laptops in all their glory, whether its playing fun music, featuring the newest in movies, or demoing an awesome game. When orientations are not going on we set up events, table, and find creative ways to build Dell on ASU's campus. The benefits are great, I get the nicest and newest in Dell's lineup of laptops to use personally as well as for work.

Microsoft REACH Evangelist

This is the other job I have the pleasure of doing. I work with a marketing agency called The Eleven Agency out in Orange County. They have big name clients such as Microsoft, Kellogs, T-Mobile, Nestle, just to name a few. Currently, I have been working as a Microsoft REACH Evangelist which is a fancy, and really really cool way of saying Microsoft Trainer. I train stores like Fry's Electronics, Compusa, and PC Club on Micosoft's impressive array of software. Working for the Eleven Agency is great since it gives a variety of different projects and opportunities with big name companies. Work never gets old which I also like.

I was very fortunate to get this job. I saw an ad on facebook, of all places, saying Microsoft was looking in our area for work on a new project. I applied on the link, took some tests, and got a few calls for interviews. They were interested and just happened to have my group interview on a holiday. At the time I was working at Bank of America and going to school full time so it would have otherwise been very close to impossible for me to make very many face to face interviews. It was amazing to me how things lined up so perfectly. For the interview, I was told to prepare a demonstration of technology and to make a quick website using Microsoft's Spaces. The group was very intimidating, I was the youngest one there. There were webdesigners, financial advisers and other highly paid professionals applying for the same job I was there for. I thought to myself, "I wonder if they are just entertaining me by letting me show up for the interview." Everyone had very nice introductions and pages, I was a recently married return missionary so I had a nice story to tell to introduce myself. The technology demonstration was the best part of the interview. I went in the middle of the group, as I watched the others demonstrate things like usb sticks, websites, and a crank radio, I became confident in what I was going to show. When my time came up I took out my laptop, set it on the table in front of everyone, and showed them why they should upgrade to Windows Vista. I showed them the various features, but spent alot of time on Media Center where they could watch shows they recorded, organize and play their music libraries, and make easy slide shows. Thankfully, it was good enough to get the CEO Graeme Bradley's attention and provide me with the job I currently have.

Graeme is the one dressed as Sponge Bob. The other picture is me by his car (1 of 2 Shaguars).

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