Monday, July 21, 2008

The Chronicles of Donut: Origins

This little bugger, though not little any more, is one of our infamous pets. We named her Donut. Why, I don't really know. At the time I just wanted any name but Miss, which is all Callie was calling her. I justified it by saying, "look she has a ring around her neck like a collar," but the true source of the name comes from a character off a series called Red vs Blue. In Red vs Blue, Donut is the comic relief brought on by a male soldier in pink armor. I never would have thought our Donut, would live up to that name the way she has.

Now you are probably thinking, "Boring, who wants to read about your cat. What are you, one of those crazy cat people?" No, I'm not a crazy cat person. In fact I could care less for cats and if you ask Callie I was opposed for weeks about getting one for our family. It's the fact that Donut is so uncat like that makes her so interesting.

I remember the day Callie wanted a kitten. She was feeling down about her circumstances, recent car accident, Mom way out in Germany, poor busy husband working three jobs and going to school full time ;), and countless other things that add up in the daily grind. Callie needed something to love her unconditionally while I was gone during the day. She already had dog love from Monty, but she needed a different kind as well. And so the pleas began.

"Bryce I want a kitten."

"Why, we already have a dog? Our apartment is small, I won't be able to take good care of another pet."

"They're easy. I'll clean the litter box," she says with a manipulative smile.

"I don't know. I really don't want one."

That wasn't good enough to hold her off. Every couple of hours in class I'd get a text, "I want a kitten". Again, I'd try to postpone, "I don't." For weeks this continued, I wasn't getting anywhere. I finally gave in to the next step, visiting a craigslist option.

Our first option was in a ghetto part of Mesa, you know, somewhere off Stapley and Broadway. Some passionate family had found an abandoned kitten and Callie had to see it. I reluctantly went hoping I could postpone further through compromise. In the first five seconds of seeing kitten numero uno, I knew it was no good. The whole time we were there she wouldn't quit meowing. We could barely talk in the room she was so loud. I didn't say anything about whether we wanted her while in the room with the mother and child trying to get rid of her, I would too if I were them.

Stepping outside I told Callie if we are getting a kitten we are going to look at more than just the first one we see and besides this one already had problems, without any of my special help. She was pretty mad but didn't go home that night with kitten number one.

As more time was passing I could tell I was losing points with my wife and quick. I decided to give up my own desires and just let her have what she wanted. The next day she was busy at work on craigslist looking for our next option. As I came home that day I was welcomed with our very own kitten. She was typical playful, cuddly, soft kitten, but most of all she wasn't whining. I was okay with having our second pet in just over 6 months of marriage, after the fact, and Callie was much happier with me. A win win situation.

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Megan said...

Wow thats kinda cool- I always wondered how Donut got named. And yeah, the Chinese buffet was actually pretty decent. Some of the stuff was really really good, and others weren't as good as other places I've had, but overall it was good.